First article. aaack.

Aaack… I’ve resisted this for too damn long.

This blog is the source of great apprehension for me. I’ve wanted to start one for a long time, and now it’s here.

You know those moments when all of your long-remembered brilliance and pungent wit just abandons you, the moment your boss asks for a new idea, or a cutie of your preferred sex walks into the room? This is one of those moments. Aaack.

Of course I knew it was coming. So I got scared, and got into action, but in a weak and meandering way, and built it up in my mind into this monstrous ordeal.

Well, now it’s time for me to go make an ass of myself in a public place, and to continue to do so until I stop being an ass. I suppose you can ignore this for now.

I promise not to fill this blog with self-absorbed crap. Though I suppose I’ll have my weak moments.



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