another close call with employment

Employment, questionable how ‘gainful’ it might be.

Apparently Citigroup is starting a big push into financial services for ordinary folks. They want one of their retail arms, Primerica, to build itself up into a services powerhouse: mortgages, refis, insurance, mutual funds… Idea being a single point-of-contact analyst provides you with a good overall strategic view of your resources, and can guide you better. That refi frees up some income, now you can put the rest in a mutual fund, come out even farther ahead. An idea with some potential.

They called me. I went through some presentations and interviews. “We’ll train you, we’ll support you, we’ll share the cost of the your certificates, we’ll get you started. You even have a good shot at a management position.” It sounded good, but I looked closer.

It’s a commission-sales position with no salary. Which is common enough I suppose, but not what I need right now. And there’s no marketing push to start the thing up, just me out there pounding the pavement and selling my friends, and recruiting new sales people. Once they get the business off the ground, then they’ll start with the marketing and branding and ad campaigns and stuff.

So, I feel two kinds of discomfort about this: first, until the thing is off the ground, it’s Amway in corporate drag. Which doesn’t interest me, or take care of my current needs. And second, Citigroup is touting this as a major initiative, but starting it on the cheap. If it’s a major new direction for your company, demonstrate some commitment. It’s not like they don’t have the money.

I mean, OK, if you’re going to give salespeople a base salary, you won’t be hiring people like me. That’s fine. Just don’t jerk my chain.


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