Mick Jagger turns 60, I turn 36

My birthday was this last Saturday. I was born on Mick Jagger’s birthday. He had a concert, I had a nice lunch with Mom. And a nap. Oh, I was also born on my mom’s birthday. At the restaurant we got a free sundae. You gotta work it, you know?

I had rather more excitement the night before. I rode with Critical Mass in Chicago–last Friday of every month, baby–and it was magnificent. It was humongous. We were shooting for a thousand riders, and we probably made it. I haven’t seen a count report yet, but the thing was enormous. You can see pictures. Such a great time. Harmonious, peaceful, friendly, fun. We went through the South Side.

And we passed out the new t-shirts! They were a hit, though it’s hard to miss with free t-shirts. People did like the design. I think it was a good first draft. It looked great on my screen, but it was so useful to see it on the back of a t-shirt. It needs more visual impact.

I love the story of how they got made. I posted a note about the design, with links, to the Chicago Critical Mass mailing list. James Council, who works at a t-shirt printing shop, took it upon himself to raise money for twenty-five shirts, and print them up. Tim (don’t know his last name), who owns Urban Bikes in Uptown, kicked in the dough. I went downtown to help, but they were done when I got there. So we just hung out, and I packed up a bunch to bring to the Mass the next day.

We had a great time passing them out. I tossed them to the crowd at Daley Plaza, along with some oranges I picked up on the way in. Not sure how James got his out, but there was much joy.

The joy lasted pretty late. The Mass ended up at 31st Street Beach, and I headed over to Chinatown for fantastic cheap Chinese food with some cool people. I sacked out on my friend Craig’s couch in Logan Square.

So you can see why I needed a nap on my birthday. Thanks to all who got the t-shirts out: Tim, James, even Maureen helped–she has a much louder voice than I, and we needed someone to get the crowd’s attention for the t-shirt toss. And always, thanks to Alex Wilson, Critical Mass t-shirt king, for inspiration, and for the CCM logo.


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