I feel like I can breathe

Monday, I end a 19-month period of very spotty employment. I get on a train, head downtown, and start getting my shit back together.

It’s a contract through the end of the year at Classified Ventures; they serve classified ads on the net, on their own sites and for major newspapers online. I’ll be working on cars.com. I’ll be working on the website, using Java, ATG Dynamo, and Oracle. Enterprise Java website stuff, my usual thing. Which is cool.

Because I’m contracting, I’m going through accounts payable instead of payroll, so I won’t start getting paid until mid-September. But I can hold out. It will be a big check when it comes in. I have to deal with my own taxes and stuff, so it won’t be as big as it looks.

It’s funny, I don’t even own a car. As a regular participant of Critical Mass, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of needling. Some of them are politically anti-car, vociferously so, but people have been quite gracious about it.

Personally, I think driving in moderation is OK. My version of moderation is a few times a year. It’s cheaper for me to rent. The need to drive much more is an artifact of bad urban planning and inadequate public transportation, as far as I’m concerned. For most people, that’s not their fault.

Anyway, I suppose that makes me a little bit of a whore. I’ll find ways to repent.


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