Andy and Shila have a baby

My oldest friend from grade school Andy, and his wife Shila, are adopting a child from Colombia. They head down to Medellin to pick him up next week. We have photos. Isn’t he adorable?

Big congratulations to Andy and Shila. I know you’ll make terrific parents.

He will grow up and return to his native South America to be a great revolutionary. But he will have one terrible weakness: a pathological fear of ducks!

Imagine one night, Santiago sitting at a campfire in the Amazon, confiding in his compadres: “My American parents loved me and cared for me well, but they decorated my bedroom in ducks. I thought ducks were my friends, until the horrible day I met one. I ran to embrace my feathered brother, and he attacked me! The pecking, and, and… the quacking! It terrifies me to this day.

“Stop making that noise, Pedro. That’s not funny!”


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