sleepless in Chicago

My first experiment with TrackBack! Sent this as a ping to Howard Dean’s Blog for America:

I’ve just ended 19 months of marginal employment. I’m a software developer who works primarily with Web technology. I’ve begun a contract through the end of the year with a company in downtown Chicago.

I have moved back with my parents in the suburbs, at age 36. I am thankful for my supportive family, but my parents are getting on in years, and I’d rather be helping them than the other way around.

I am sleepless over what happens after my current contract ends. I lucked into this. Will I find something quickly? Or will I be out of work for another year and a half?

I am sleepless over my lack of health insurance.

Honestly, I don’t entirely blame George W. for my situation. The seeds of my current misfortune were sown during the dot-com boom. I knew those good times had to end, and that there would be a rebound. I didn’t know it would be this painful. And I know for a fact that September 11 has exacerbated things.

But the tax cut Bush has handed his favorite patrons is blatantly biased towards the rich. It might help me a little in the short term, but it will be a disaster for this country in the long term. We desperately need to repeal it. I will endure short term pain for long term gain.

I remember watching the national debt balloon during the 1980’s. I was in high school then, too young to vote. I knew I’d be paying it someday, and I was right. I considered it taxation without representation. For a time, the 90’s looked like they would provide a respite, but now we’re back to digging the same hole.

Trickle-down economic theory is discredited and delusional. Leaving enormous debt to our children is irresponsible. Taking the lone-ranger approach to the world’s problems is impractical. Why did it take this long for them to figure out they need the UN in Iraq?

We need leadership to make the necessary sacrifices. We need the courage to ask for help with problems we can’t and shouldn’t try to fix by ourselves. We need responsible liberalism to have an effective government.

I like Dean a lot. I haven’t committed to him yet. I’m not even a registered Democrat. I like being independent. But I’m sorely, sorely tempted to register and vote for Dean in the Democratic primary.


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