the flag-burning amendment

Why is this a bad idea?

Here’s the thing: the flag stands for the country. The country stands for liberty. Which is more important, the symbol of the country, or the principle the country stands for? Is representing liberty more important than praciticing it?

It’s not such an important issue of itself. It’s important as a test of how people think. Do you care about symbols or principles, surfaces or depth?

This is why this news is upsetting. Not particularly surprising, but the rising vote count for this measure is a curious thing. I wonder why a senator would change their vote on this issue.



  1. Any good American, who is, of course, knowlegeable in flag ettiquite, will tell you that burning is the proper way to dispose of flag not fit for display.

    I can see S.W.A.T. teams storming Boy Scout troops and VFW’s already…

  2. Now hang on a second, Burning the flag can be symbolic for burning out the harsh times the U.S. has faced like the rising oil prices or the war in Iraq. It also can represent our freedom. It doesn’t necessarily have to represent burning the U.S!

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