the next steps

I am back at my place… laying comfortably on my couch, typing away, enjoying the smell of rice cooking in my own kitchen. Mom is a better cook than I, and I’ve enjoyed her cooking and care the last few weeks, but it’s nice to be in my own place.

I’m not planning to go back to work till the week after Thanksgiving. The following Friday (the 30th) is the next surgery–we start work on the right side. Then Tuesday after that (12/4) we finish that up, implanting the generator on the right. They want me to come in that Monday to test my current hardware.

This should be significantly easier than the last time. They drilled both holes last time, so no new skull holes. They think I should have some amount of anatomical symmetry, so they should be able to poke the same locations they found before and get some results. It’s reasonable to hope that this will go much more smoothly than last time.

After that we begin starting up and tuning the system. Fingers crossed: that’s where the payoff for all this really starts. Like I said, one step at a time.



  1. Hi John:
    June and I are thinking of you. I know this has been really hard and, at times, discouraging. From what your mother told me, it sounded like they would not do the next procedure for another 3 months which seemed like a long time to wait, so I’m glad to hear that the next procedure will take place on the 30th.

    The Zen Community is closed through thanksgiving, but we’ll be open again next week. I hope to see you soon.

    Joshin Sensei

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