The third surgery

Went well. I’m at the hospital. Just took a vicodin. More later.



  1. Hey John! Finally getting a moment to login and read through your blogs – much more detail than I was getting from your mother (please thank her for her calls, BTW!). I was hoping this one would have been shorter than the first, but it doesn’t sound like it? I hope the worst of it is now fully behind you! Lots of folks asking after you here at work, so please know we all wish you a very speedy recovery and the very best of outcomes!!

  2. Hi John,
    G’day from an old Cary-Grove friend. Tom Feldsien gave me the update on your situation. Wishing you the VERY BEST…would love to get back in touch with you.
    Neil Frantz

  3. Awesome! So that’s it for surgery for a while? When will you be back to bikey things? It’s not so easy out there right now, so take plenty of time and rest. 🙂

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