How I am

I am fine. I am home, relaxing in my living room. I am mostly taking it easy.

They turned my implants on Friday. No results yet. They tested them again, and noted some side effects at higher voltages. As some may recall, I am participating in research, which means I might be in a control group. Meaning I might be getting zero voltage for the next three months. Or maybe not. Like I said before, it’s for science.

I still have a bit of extra shakiness–a little like after you fall off your bike. It’s been lingering a while. I tried to go in to work last week–made it through Wednesday, and decided I still needed more time off. So I’ve been relaxing at home.

Oh, one piece of linky goodness I found: David Byrne has a new piece in Wired covering the rearrangement of the music industry, with an eye towards new options for musicians. Fascinating to see things get to this point–you can begin to see the outlines of the future of the music industry. Really exciting and cool stuff.



  1. We are so glad to hear that you are doing well. You are a brave person! We admire you for your strength and courage, and know that it will get you through whatever lies ahead. Please keep the updates coming–it helps us know if our prayers/positive thoughts are working, or whether we need to amp it up a bit.
    May nothing but the best come to you in 2008.

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