the second adustment

Went in for the second adjustment yesterday. Or ‘adjustment’ as the case may be. It’s still a little unclear whether I’m in the control group or not, though I suspect I am.

My left hand is a little more relaxed. My speech seems slightly better just today. I did feel some pulling in my mouth yesterday during the adjustment session, but it went away. I wonder if he turned on the juice just to be tricky. My walking is going back to the way it was before the surgery.

I really can’t wait much longer to get back on my bike again. I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up just a bit. Friday’s Critical Mass. I may go then.



  1. How many of these ‘adjustments,’ will you have to undergo? Control group or not? Is this an ongoing case study? In any event, I like hearing that you are getting back to physical conditions prior to your surgery. Are your physicians confident in your progress? Knowing your love for the ‘bike,’ I hope you get back on it very soon. Keep pushing, you are incredibly brave and strong. Much the best

  2. I’m in the study for 3 months. Then it’s six months to two years of adjustments, monthly. Dr. Verhagen seemed happy with my overall state. I actually biked to that appointment.

    I gotta start slow with the bike. I tried to ride Critical Mass tonight, and I was just too slow. It was a small mass with the weather and all, so it was faster than usual. And I’m, you know, slower than usual. I think what I need is to go to the gym.

  3. Hey, John–if you want a slow-riding bike buddy when the weather is 20 F or higher, let me know. From inactivity, I have lost a lot of muscle in my left leg (I can feel it) and will want to start working it back up in February. If you can bring a guest to your gym I’d come–I joined some fancy South Loop gym, but it won’t even open until March, and I’m getting weak and flabby. Let me know.

    P.S. That’s an awesome photo of you and your tattoo–wow! Ouch! Dude, are you a glutton for punishment? 😉 But seriously, it looks way cool.

  4. Are those adjustments once a month or as needed?

    Sorry its taken awhile for me to get on here. have been following your progress prior to the first procedure. Thats pretty darn amazing to get back on the bike after 4 procedures. Have you thought about a “wind trainer “?

    I have an old chome molly bike (27 1/4 ” wheels)
    Recently had a ricthey headset put on it to replace old one. I am curious when you rebuilt your wheels did you upgrade the hubs?

    I’ll enclose an address for our local club,
    Bluegrass cyling club, enjoy. Tom

  5. @Maureen–I may take you up on that.

    @Tom–yes, I replaced the hubs. The old ones didn’t seem so bad, but I guess it was just easier to dip into Sam’s enormous parts cache. He got me some nice ones.

    My headset is one of the few remaining original parts on the Bike of Steel. Pretty indexed, but that doesn’t seem to bother me much.

    The adjustments are once a month at this point.  The next one is February 18.

  6. Unless I’ve lost count, you have one more month to go before the first REAL adjustment.

    I went two miles on the ‘airbike.’ It was uphill all the way and no coasting downhill. Betty says she wants to join the gym too. What is the age limit on this activity.

  7. Yeah, I suppose it is month after next. I’m trying to reserve judgment–actually, I realized that the placebo effect cuts both ways.

    no age limit I know of. I know older coots than you biking around the city of Chicago.

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