Eric Holzle gets it going

So at least he’s not a patent troll… Some of you may recall my previous post on the subject of Eric Holzle. Well, he’s doing it: he started, a dating site that matches people based on their major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes, plus some personality matching stuff. Plus they check you out, pretty thoroughly. Something to keep an eye on, see how it goes. Still, $1995 for a membership. It’s lifetime, but I wouldn’t expect to spend that much in my life on a dating site.



  1. Geez! 2000 bucks! Probably no guarentee’s either. I always figured love to be a phenotypical responce to genetic mutations. he he

  2. Three years later, Joe Asbury is finally heard from. I found this idea so bizarre that I felt compelled to comment. The idea seems a step sideways from arranged marriages of the past where the determinants of a successful union were largely financial. Now we’re looking at immune recognition. This notion that immunogenic novelty, that is how different your partner is from you, somehow makes this person more enticing seems incredible and more than a little tenuous. I can’t claim to know much about it, but perhaps the same thing can be accomplished by dating outside your race. Chances are if your potential partner’s DNA originated in a different continent, you aren’t likely to share too many alleles. But if your goal is to stay within your race, and in fact date someone who at least physically reminds you of the people you grew up with, maybe this MHC heterogeneity is a helpful way to prevent inbreeding. Anyway, thanks for a very interesting post.


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