Obama's kool-aid hits the spot

I sat at work last night, thinking about what to do with my evening. I could go home, like most nights, and work on a little project I will share here at some point soon, or… Obama is in town.

I had voted for Obama that morning, and I’m excited about him, but the undertow of habit is strong in my mind. So I struggled with debate for a while. But I managed to get myself up, treated myself to a rare cab ride, and made my way to the Hyatt Regency.

And after an interminable wait, being shuffled from ballroom to ballroom, I stood with aching feet in that crowded room in the presence of the man. These are my thoughts:

First, I projected my hopes and fears onto the loose framework of his message, just like everyone else does. It’s sad, I know, but I can’t escape the feeling that a good cult of personality is exactly what this country needs right now.

The challenges that face this country, this world, are very large. The excesses of the last century have left us with a financial crisis and an environmental crisis at the same time. Both multi-trillion-dollar problems that will take decades to resolve, and more than a technocratic laundry list of ‘solutions for America.’ They will require the utter transformation of American society.

I don’t say that lightly. I expect to lose and gain jobs in that process, change careers. I expect to watch my friends struggle, and my parents struggle in retirement. This is going be a dark time, a test.

And it’s going to require all hands on deck. This is it, folks. The party’s gone on very long, and the bills are coming due. There will not necessarily be a nuclear war, though that may happen, and not necessarily famine or plague, though those may be entailed. This could make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

When I think about the times ahead for us, I imagine lifting a school bus over my head. That’s how hard it looks to me, what it’s going to demand from me personally, to get through the next few years. And I realize it will take that from more than me: it will take that from every American, and a lot of others besides.

This is the context in which I hear his words: yes, we can.

It’s going to require the depth of vision he demonstrated in his early opposition to the war.

It’s going to take his understanding that Islamic extremism is not the greatest challenge our country faces in the twenty-first century. It’s not even second.

It’s going to require a politics of hope, because the politics of fear could lead to the loss of liberty for this country, and the loss of the dynamicism we desperately need to get through to the other side of what we face.

So this is the substance of Obama: not the laundry list of policy proposals. Though the moral courage, integrity, and commitment to change are important. The depth of vision thing is central, his essential intelligence, and so are his leadership qualities.

FDR had a cult of personality. Abraham Lincoln might not have had one in the moment, but the nation came to understand his contribution after he died. They led us through our greatest trials, and it made a difference. They had something special. I think Obama does too. And I think it’s exactly what we need right now.



  1. Be Aware of the Hypnotic Power of the O’Bama Kool Aid…

    Yes, Obama is a powerful speaker, make no mistake about that. As with all motivation speakers like Anthony Robbins and Marshall Sylver, he has a hypnotic quality about him. However, what’s he really saying? As his voice lowers in pitch, softens a bit, you’ll also notice the lights are lowered, the background music gets the audience pumped, he meets your gaze eye to eye during the rally and his voice seems to lull you into the ‘feelings’ of hope, inspiration and excitement. But when you leave the rally, you are left with one message. ‘Change.’ The amazing principle of Group Think is applicable, but there is another side to the coin.

    At the same time Clinton is being bashed and McCain is being brutilized, both the media and the ‘political’ ones that be hesitate to criticize Obama’s message…nevermind the fact that he has a message of change with no real statistics or details to back up his mantra! And those that do criticize his message of change are harassedd and ridiculed…like Michael Fauntroy for example. Is that fear in the air?

    It is an intersting ‘power’ when you consider that not even the current president of the United States, in theory the most powerful man in the country, has over the media or his political ‘enemies.’

    So, who is this empowering man that can inspire thousands of young, innocent, voters to go to the poles, even on blistery, dangerous highways during an ice storm..such as it was in Virginia and Maryland on February 12? What is this power that he holds over the crowd that convinces a nation to nominate the one man with the least amount of experience, no detailed policy on the economy, Iraq or healthcare and one slow, mesmirizing message of generic ‘change’?

    It is the same power that convinces thousands of unsuspecting enthusiasts to drink the red Kool Aid which leads to their ultimate destruction. It’s called Mind Control, or in some circles, Hypnosis.

    Mr. Obama is highly skilled at bypassing the critical thinking mind and getting straight to the subconscious mind; he knows how to hit what really makes voters tick. It is said in the world of Mind Control, when you control someones emotions, you control them. This is same tool and technique highly recognized in the speaking industry and used by the Anthony Robbins and Marshall Sylvers of the world. Unlike Bush, who used the Fear of Terrorists, O’bama’s fear hits even closer to home. It is a sublimina fear of being publicly ridiculed if you say anything negative about a ‘well liked’ black candidate. Other emotions target the votes as they hope to stay out of a recession, fear losing their homes, desire a better life with greener pastures, excitement builds as the democratic race is the best reality TV to observe…

    Keep this in mind when you place your vote. Do you want to be vote with your heart and emotions, with the facts or jump on a band wagon with a mysterious pull to drink the Obama Kook Aid?

    Both McCain and Clinton have executed great skill during their tenures in public office, have master minds advising their policies for ‘experienced’ change; and, both can give you the intricate details of the tactics for implementing those changes.

    McCain is obvoisly more than ‘experienced’ at warfare and military tactics, as Clinton has not one, but 5 retired highly decorated military bipartisan generals advising her on the Iraq exit strategy. Obama has Mrs. Winfrey, George Clooney and a host of other starlets backing him, but who are his political advisors? What are his strategies for change and WHO advised him on these strategies?

    So, the question of the day “Is the Obama Kool Aid dangerous?� goes unanswered, but in this case, the US would be better served to not find out the hard way.

  2. “At the same time Clinton is being bashed and McCain is being brutilized[sp], both the media and the ‘political’ ones that be hesitate to criticize Obama’s message…nevermind the fact that he has a message of change with no real statistics or details to back up his mantra!”

    I’m sorry, that’s just lazy. Check out his website, there’s plenty of detail. He makes these speeches, and yes, there’s not a lot of policy there. But he has policy, well defined and plenty of it.

    Here’s the other thing, a big piece of his appeal is the integrity thing. And there is independent corrorboration of that. Larry Lessig is a legal authority who I respect and trust, who worked with Obama at U. of C., and he stands up for the guy. That’s persuasive to me, more than scaremongering about his mind control powers. Ronald Reagan was a skilled speaker too, and he could work some mojo on people, but that doesn’t mean I trusted him with my country.

    Remember, when I went to see him speak, I had already voted for him. If you want some insight into why I made that decision, read this. It’s responsive to the experience thing this way: If you want the election to be a rehash of all the old arguments of the 1960’s, vote for Clinton. If you want the next four years to be about 50%+1 coalition, Karl Rove politics, vote Clinton. How much of the country’s business do you think will get done that way?

    Or, if you accept that we’ll be at war for the rest of your life and mine, and you want a president who’s fine with that, vote McCain. He thinks Islamic extremism is the greatest challenge our country faces right now…every time he says that, that laughing sound you hear? That’s the Chinese. So he’s not my candidate.

    Experience–or the lack thereof–is not the only source of risk here.

    I have a strong measure of ironic distance, even in the physical presence of the guy. I was not totally swept up in the moment. But based on the moment and a bunch of other knowledge, I think he’s the best choice we have, and not a bad one at that.

  3. what hits me the most about obama john is the lack of substance.. Wheres the beef? I beleive he is sincere but whats he talking about? Change for changes sake? its going to change .. thats why we have the term limits…So once you get that.. is it just a cult of personality? we vote for him cause he’s the new kid on the block?

    I men marky marky mark turned out to be pretty tremendos but the funky bunch? excuse me?

    peas and rice old friend, i hope your feeling well the gough brothers say hi

  4. I voted in Virginia on the 12th and I must say, the weather was a little windy but there was no ice. I don’t think I even wore a coat.

  5. I truly wish I still shared John’s enthusiasm for the O man. I sure need it right now.. I volunteered during his Senate run. Yet, for me the bubble was popped months ago, partially by the research of Steve Rhodes at http://www.beachwoodreporter.com/. I have to agree with Paul; maybe it’s the fault of the mainstream press, but we shouldn’t have to go digging around Obama’s web site for his policies. Clinton is getting a lot more substance into her soundbites, tears and all.
    I feel like my daughter at her little toddler music class, after they blow the bubbles, all the bubbles are popped, and it’s back to real life.
    BTW, I voted Kucinich.

  6. Barak Obama Speech on Religous Platform Dripping with Anti-Christian and Anti-Blblical Rhetoric:

    In response you calling me lazy, just to inform you, I did dig on Obama’s website for his policies. It is in fact that very reason that I wrote my views on this blog…why do I have to dig for his history, religious preference, policies or even if he has a Muslim heritage?

    Much has been said about Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and yet very few facts are among what’s said. At the end of the day, America is confused and the battle of the blogs still haven’t revealed the truth about his different religious studies or background, his real agenda nor his platform.
    In this video (link supplied below) Obama imbeds anti-Christian and anti-Jewish views; it’s as if in this video he’s on a religious platform. In fact, when sent to a Christian friend, a former Obama supporter, she was quite disturbed. This video is Obama’s words, and they are laden with Anti-Christian Rhetoric. I believe the Political Action Group Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric will be disturbed to see it.
    Within the obvious language, Obama is saying he wants to unify and make peace within America at best as it pertains to Religion; the imbedded linguistics, this video of Obama is chock full of Anti-Christian/Anti-Jewish Rhetoric.
    Here is what could be perceived as Barack Obama’s Anti-Christian Comments:
    “We are no longer a Christian Nation” as the crowd chants in the background
    “More people in America believe in Angels than in Evolutionâ€? Dripping with sarcasm, crowd laughs
    “What if we expel all non-Christians from America?”
    as if that is what Christians propose
    “78% (of Americans) call themselves supposed Christians” inferring hypocrisy

    Barak Obama Claims the Bible makes References to Violence, Slavery and Stoning Children:
    “And what about the Sermon on the Mount; a passage so radical that it’s doubtful our own defense department would survive its application” and the crowd goes wild
    The day that America cheers for Anti-Bible/Anti-Christian Rhetoric from Barak Hussein Obama because they believe he will change the way the entire congress, Senate and the House of Representative, as well as the White House is the day America should take a second look with their eyes…in the world of Mind Control and Mind Control experts, the root to controlling human beings is by controlling their emotions, their heart…the fact that you speak of ‘hope’ says enough doesn’t it.
    When you watch this video, these are Obama’s words, and as acknowledged by the writer above, words of sustenance.

  7. Cristi, I watched the video. Frankly, it didn’t strike me as anti-Christian at all. This is a guy who identifies as Christian. He’s said publicly that he is Christian, and talked about his faith and what it means to him, yes again, in detail. But he has the guts again to publicly acknowledge passages from his own Book that he would not see realized.

    He says Leviticus endorses slavery. Does it? Is the passage he describes there? Is the speech anti-Christian, or simply true? I see it as a courageous acknowledgment of aspects of his own tradition that he might not embrace. He’s not saying, ‘Christianity is bad,’ he’s saying ‘Don’t get carried away with the idea of applying it in public policy.’ ‘Read your Bible,’ he said.

    You might not call that ‘Christian,’ but if not, you and I would disagree on that subject. I have zero problem with what he said in that clip, and would have zero problem with anyone saying it. My mind is not controlled by him or anyone.

    Honestly, this is one of my favorite things about Obama: he speaks in an honest and nuanced way. I’d compare this speech in a lot of ways to his remarks bout Reagan. Which were true: the Republicans were the ‘party of ideas’ in the ’80’s. Good ideas? I don’t think so. Neither does he.

    Not only does he speak about such subtle and nuanced ideas, but he does it effectively: his audience gets them. Which is what I see him doing in this clip.

    Maybe that’s all lost on you. If it is, I don’t have much for you: we come from very different places.

  8. JStoner,
    No, your words are not lost on me. However, on one point I can agree to disagree: Obama’s true intentions.

    Let me just say that I teach a class which includes a body/mind/spirit approach to achieving weight loss. We NEVER promote one religion over another and I would never have said what he did. I can read between the lines, and view the imbeds as well as the links.

    In other words, if he wants to unify the country in terms of religous preferences and tolerance, I am all for it. However, the way to get there is not by pointing out violent scriptures on one religions book and include the other religions in the same speech without equal comparisons.

    If I were on that platform, tolerance, I’d point out the peaceful likeness of them all…which is in fact what I do.

    In this video he also taunts those who believe in angels…he is definately anti-Christian in his remarks, sarcasm and imbedded meanings. At best, he fumbled and made a mistake for which I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Other Christians will not.

    You are much better at making a point than he was.
    I’m not interested in another president of the United States running on a religous platform. My neighbors are losing their home and the ER’s are short on nurses. These are REAL crisis that will get worse if not dealt with now.

    So at the end of the day, I can agree to disagree on Obama. I am coming from a different point of view as I’ve studied mass hypnosis and mind control for over a decade. If you don’t have that field of vision, you won’t see it.

    Much like the Turning Point attendees from a Marshall Sylver event, voters are swept up in a the moment. And perhaps because of that, I am jaded.

    Thanks for your intelligent debate.

  9. I have to tell ya, I’m not for Obama and his extremely left viewpoints. If his or hillary’s stance on socialized medicine ever came to fruition, then be happy you recieved your treatment now. Under a socialized healthcare system I would bet my bottom dollar that your procedure would be deemed to costly and, as you have said, experimental. A government healthcare program would not have approved of it. I could be wrong. I don’t know of other countries which have socialized medicine that have attempted or allowed such procedures. I gather that a lot of people on the left are anti-religion. Newsflash all religion is protected under the constitution. Including Islam and the occult.I’m leaning toward the candidate, unlike Bush, who will burn the tax code and replace it with a consumption tax. I think the adoption of the 16th Amendment allowing the government to take a portion of our income tax has all but fueled depressions and runaway government spending on both sides of the aisle. As one hard right individual has said your country must have and an established language, culture, and borders. You cease to be a nation without them. In this country you can still do pretty much what you want as long as you obey the law. I find it ironic that our choices come from the governing body with the least approval rating of the masses. This government would get a whole lot of tax revenue if it simply abolished the income tax and replaced it with a consumption tax.

  10. @Jim: Leaving aside our substantial political disagreements, I know people from countries with socialized medicine who have had the procedure I had. In fact, my neurologist is using what he calls ‘the French technique’ in tuning my implants to the vagaries of my brain. Yes, it was developed in France.

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