even more laptop bunny awesomeness

So my old laptop had to retire. Time to upgrade to a 2016 model Macbook Pro. (I considered some others, but I’m starting a new job next week and they are giving me a new Macbook Pro for work, and I’ll have enough to learn without learning a new desktop, so… sticking with Macs for now. It’s a pretty pretty Unix to me.)

So, much like the last one, I had to laser etch the new one. And I found another bizarre bunny themed image, Buntacles, by Phineas X. Jones.


Here’s the closeup–so sharp:


I did it at South Side Hackerspace with the help of Phil Strong. Actually I did all the graphic work of pulling out the background and making it suitable for input to the laser printer. Phil did almost all of the laser wrangling. We borrowed a lot of the procedure from last time. And my neighbor Mat has a large format scanner we used to scan it.

Look at how sharp it came out! So much better than last time. One difference: We did a test etch on a piece of cardboard taped in position, just like last time, to make sure we liked where the image fell. Then we took the cardboard away, but this time before we etched we refocused the laser.

Also, this laptop is Space Gray, so it stands out more.

We could have made it bigger. Also for some reason none of the grey tone from the image came out. But i still think it looks great.



  1. Computers puzzle me, but I guess that’s all right. I don’t care how they work, as long as they take care of my music and get in touch with my friends when we need to communicate. How much different from the old one is your new one?

    1. It’s a lot faster and lighter, the builtin speakers are much louder, and the screen is sharper. The ‘Touch bar’ is not bad but kinda meh. I like it, though I would say it was overpriced.

  2. body{font-family: Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:9pt;background-color: #ffffff;color: black;}Congrats on your new job. Talked to your folks yesterday. They say they’re going to Molly’s to babsit the animals when she goes to Tibet and Nepal in Nov. What a trip!Trust all is well, John.Norma

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